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Elliottwave Forecast

$AAPL Apple Calling again the pullback in World Indices

Can History repeat itself? Well it looks like $AAPL one more time is showing the path for World Indices. In 2015, the Instrument showed a nice 5 waves advance from the lows at 2013. See the chart below which shows the 5 waves rally from the lows in 2013. The Structure is a very clear 5 waves advance and each subdivision is also showing 5 waves.

We did identify the structure and wrote a blog in the past which explained that soon the World Indices will enter a correction based in the 5 waves structure. Here’s the link to the blog from 5.7.2017 , which is showing the incomplete sequences and proposed path.

We then saw $APPL declined and did this video explaing the idea that the pullback was another chance to buy into the Multi year cycle. Now $APPL is showing again a 5 waves advance and still incomplete. See below chart to see the rally from lows in 2016.

The 5 waves advance leads us to believe that soon there will a correction in the World Indices similar to the one in 2015. The correction should last at least 6 months and will be another chance to jump into the multi year cycle. As we can see, the Market is fractal nature, thus history can repeat again in the World Indices. Watch this video below and see how we identify the waves and provide the forecast using the Elliott wave Theory. We use the boxes to set the targets and cycles to determine the beginning or end of any degrees.

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