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Seminar: Are World Indices Entering into A Crash Territory?

Seminar; Are World Indices Entering into a Crash Territory?

We conducted a Free webinar on Friday, 20th March 2020 in which we explained whether the World Indices have entered a Crash Territory or not and why we were expecting 2009 cycle to end this year and a larger decline in the Indices to take place. We also talk about whether this drop is the start of a bear market or another investment opportunity and also share some of our views about what we are expecting next.

What we covered?

As can be seen above, we started by defining what is a cycle, what is a sequence and how we use the two in our analysis and forecast. The reason for this was to help attendees understand the incomplete sequences in the likes of AUDJPY and SEKJPY as this was the reason we expected cycle from 2009 low to end and a larger pull back to take place. nCOV19 and COVID-19 just acted as a catalyst because the Indices were already extreme and market makers just used the virus as an excuse to drop the market. We then discussed the different between technical and fundamental analysis and even when we respect all methods and techniques, we explained why we favor technical analysis and don’t use fundamental analysis at all in our forecasting. We then proceeded to look at some past charts to show how we see the World Indices like SPX, SPY, IBEX, Dow Futures a couple of months ago and where we are now. We then explained possible paths which can take place, whether the current drop represents a long-term opportunity or not and what is expected next.

Are World Indices Entering Crash Territory Webinar Recording

We cover how we see the Market using cycles, sequences, and Elliott Wave. We look at how we see the market entering year 2020 from instrument like $AUDJPY and $SEKJPY. We also talk about why Market is running out of space.

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